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Tender Process With System Integrators

System integrators faces the complexity of the technicals tender documents and the numerous requirements and interfaces between subsystems. Having a high level vision and understanding of the whole system while ensuring that those subsystem function together towards the requested goal is the key to win technically a tender and ensure a good profitability.

Often, the technical specification do not provide this level of understanding, and each contender has to investigate, identify the detail in the requirement, solve ambiguities between requirements and domain interfaces before having a complete picture and an alignement with the autority specifications.

Requirement Engineering For System Integrators

Requirement engineering ( RE) is often used in the information technology when it relates to building a software, or in very complex system and subsystem in aerosapce, for example to build a satellite system. Any misinterpretation of requirements can lead to very dramatic impacts.

Controlling ambiguity with NLP and ensuring a proper identification of requirements is a key success factor for System Integrators.


Many people, Many teams, many partners, many internal gate reviews.

Tender process is extremly time consuming, and most of the time is spent in aligning differents stakeholders towards a collective understanding of the project, its requirements, its risks and of the technical solution that is required to deliver the project and win the bid. 
Collaboration between the differents internal teams and with the Jv partners, or subcontractors needs to be very efficient. 
Collaborative tools plays a critical role in transforming a very cumbersome tender process into a more dynamic and efficient system. 

Using AItenders For System Integrators

Aitenders main focus is to provide you with a 360 degree view of the requirements and associated risks.
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