Risk Management

a 360° integrated approach to risks

You have risks everywhere. Discover them quickly.

Identify risks and opportunities adapted to your company and your past tenders profiles.
Use of Ai to propose quick Bid no Bid review and in depth GO no GO analysis
Proper Assessment of risks, their potential impact and risks mitigation strategy.
Full end to end traceability, capitalisation and cross tenders fertilization.

Now, don't miss any Opportunities and Threats !

Discover Opportunities and Risks

The Power of AI

Quickly identify all type of threats and opportunities ( technical, legal, financial, operationnal etc...), and decide action plan to mitigate related risks.
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Fast Collective Review

The Power of Smart Review

Review and collaborate dynamically around the risks. Ensure proper evaluation of risks based on past tenders and company objectives.
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More Efficient

No Loopholes

The Power of Traceability

Quality of review, contract modification impact analysis and actions plan are in the same platform to ensure traceability along the lifecycle of the project
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Full Traceability 100%

Quickly Select the best tender to bid for

Within few seconds, have a first overview of the profile of the tender. Is it aligned with our internal risks matrix, is it potentially profitable?

Quick Bid no Bid. 

Now, get more deals analysed based on your selection criteria.

In depth, Real time collective Assessment

Invite your team members, partners, subcontractors to work, analyse and assess the tender. Collect the augmented data and create mitigation plan.

Now, everyone is aligned. 

Put risks and opportunities to your advantage

You have all the data needed to find opportunities/risks and be smart in coping with them to outperform your competitors.

Now, master your bottom line and realize your top line opportunities

End to end risks monitoring

All the functionalities needed to ensure end to end risks management: Mitigation plan, incident management, regular plan review meeting, strategy plan etc…

Manage your risks repository

Now, project managers and risks managers can easy do compliance work in a single plateform


We strive to make risks management easy and compliant

So, let's Win tenders together