Response automation

All the tools you need to speed up and be compliant in your response

capitalize on your data, your content and previsous tenders

Draft efficient and compliant response with Aitenders Smart Draft for Microsoft Word.
Reuse templates and contents based on the requirements of the project.
Benchmark from project to project to see the best way to draft response.
Automatically Populate required forms and annexures

We reinvent the wheel for you!

Reuse the Data

The Power of AI

Bring back all augmented data to the bid writters and match the requirements to the drafting.
0 %

Knowledge Management

The Power of Capitalization

Work around labelled data, past response and a knowledge database you have created from tender to tender.
2 X
More Efficient


The Power of Matching

Automate filling up forms with matching tools
Understanding 100%
Full Traceability 100%

A new type of wheel

 No need to look for response file of similar tenders in your archives or chase the expert. All the data is located in a single place. Content is easily accessible and our algorithm propose to align the content to the tender’s needs.

Now, we are reinventing the wheel for you. 

Aitenders Smart Draft For Microsoft Word

Your Bid writter will have a full confort of having all the augmented data in Microsoft Word with SmartDraft plug-in while working on the response documents and deliverables.

Now, get fully efficiency with Aitenders Smart Draft for Microsoft

Pain killer

30% of the time of most tender response is spent in complying with forms and administrative papers. 

Now, get your administrative documents prefilled


We strive to make our client like to draft response to tender

So, let's Win tenders together