First Intention Of Conformity in couple of days instead of weeks!

Project + 1 Md €

+ 7 000 Requirements from the Client
+2 500 additionnal requirements detected by Aitenders

61 Documents ( 90% Pdf)
2 600 Pages

6 People



The author of the tender documents sometimes identifies some of the requirements, but never all: your team is responsible for extracting all the requirements from the documents and ensure that the tender submitted is fully compliant.

For an infrastructure project with several dozen documents, extracting requirements takes up to several week.

How You Tackle it !

Aitenders automatically detect the requirements in the text by semantic analysis. The team can reclassify content collaboratively as needed, and at the same time improve the company’s detection algorithm.


Returns on Investments

Aitenders extracts the requirements of a project within hours. The collaborative review interface (Smart Review) allows the team to finalize the extraction head-on: the list of requirements validated by the team is available within a few days.

How your kpi will improve!

75 %
90% de réduction du temps pour Extraire les Exigences Versus Techniques normales
50 %
timE Saved
60% de temps gagnés pour la revue conjointe des exigences
+ 1
DAYS Saved
+ 50 Jours Hommes gagnées

Notre équipe n'as pas eu besoin de faire plusieurs milliers de copié /collé dans Excel. L'extraction à été faite en quelques minutes et la revue compléte en deux jours! Quel bonheur de pouvoir se concentrer sur l'essentiel.

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