Contract Management

Be armed to unlock the potential of your contracts.

A single source of truth to manage your contract

Trace adequately Questions and Answers during tender phase.
Flag discrepancies between versions of documents,
Flag the discrepancies between standards and actual documents
Claims Management

Now, swiftly drive technical, financial and legal aspects of your contracts !

Single Source of Truth

The Power of AI

Our parsing, classification and matching algorithm allow to create relations between document sent/received and build a unique database managing all the repository of the data.

Fast Collective Review

The Power of Smart Review

Review and collaborate dynamically around the contract. Ensure proper follow up of the contractual obligations, compare actual versus contract signed, raised claims
2 X
More Efficient

Quality - End to End

The Power of Traceability

Manage your contract, end to end, with kick off meeting from tender phase, contract administration , claims/modifications/interface management, till the contract closure.
Understanding 100%
Full Traceability 100%

Create a single source of truth

So many documents to produce. So many changes compared to the original contracts. 

Quickly find divergence to contractual terms

Now, get more deals analysed based on your selection criteria.

be armed against wrong claims from your client

Dear Contractor, you have not respected the contract, you are penalized. Sounds familiar? 

We are ensuring that you have immediate response without spending ages in back tracking the reasons.

Now, changes in contractual obligations are under control. 

Immediate impact assessment

With the contract at the center of your project, you can on each communication with the client identify the down the line impacts on your business, and synchronize this impact with your partners/subs.

Now, be proactive with your client and partners.

Turn the contract into strategic advantage

Get visibility of your contracts potentials in terms of claims and risks allocation outside the company. 

Now, deliver only what is required, claim the changes.


We strive to make Contract Management an offensive tool

So, let's Win tenders together