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Tender Management Process For Consultants

The typology of project across the construction industry is very diverse, and so are the tenders/rfp documents. The complexity of the process, the uniqueness of the document and scope of work and the constant deadlines do not provide the necessary breeding ground to capitalize on bid to bid.

Capitalization Across Bids

Many factors are hampering the creation of proper a knowledge management in a given organisation. The frustration to have lost bids and the perpetual reassignement to new bids refrain staff to spend valuable time on capitalization.

In addition, tight bid budget, often directly allocated to projects or business units, do not allow for a cross fertilisation of best practice and knowledge management accross the bids, business units and teams.

Aitenders brings a unique plateform that cross fertilize all projects by identifying the closest previous tenders upon the scope of work of the new bid. Supervised Learning help as well classifying the information for a better retrieaval. As such, bid team is in position to sustain his analysis based on previous bids and collective knowledge that has been created across the years.

Requirement Engineering In The Contruction Industry 

 Requirement engineering ( RE), originally from aviation and complex system, is more and more used in the construction industry. Unfortunately, the use and proper deployment of RE in the field depends grandly on the way public procurement is conduct and on the level of education the public autority and engaged consultants have on the implementation of RE. 

Many People, Many Teams, Many Partners, Many Internal Gate Reviews.

Tender process is extremely time consuming, and most of the time is spent in aligning differents stakeholders towards a collective understanding of the project, its requirements, its risks and of the technical solution that is required to deliver the project and win the bid. 
Collaboration between the differents internal teams and with the Jv partners, or subcontractors needs to be very efficient. 
Collaborative tools plays a critical role in transforming a very cumbersome tender process into a more dynamic and efficient system. 

Using AItenders In The Construction Industry

As such, Aitenders main focus is to provide a 360 degree view and functionalities to power up the tender review and its delivery. 
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