Benefits for your team

Bid Team

  • More opportunities
  • Better understanding of risks
  • Less administrative burden
  • Better pricing and chance of succes

Finance Team

  • Ensure internal rules are respected
  • Proper assessment of risks and contingencies.
  • Ensure profitability

Legal Team

  • Better compliance
  • Knowledge Management on contractual review
  • Easy identification of legal risks and impacts
  • Follow up on suggestions

Operation Team

  • More visibility of the risks
  • traceability of risks, requirements, technicals choices and contengencies hypothesis
  • Identification of potential health and safety hazard

Technical Team

  • High level technical drafting of the answer
  • Comprehensive list of requirements
  • Tracking of requirements and technical choices
  • Comprehensive review of risks


  • Manage portfolio of risks
  • Higher Win rate
  • Better Compliance
  • Increase Net Margin
  •  Increase staff motivation.