Requirements Management

Managing requirements has never been so easy and intelligent

We have built a solution for you and your needs

Easy to implement, Easy to use, Easy to collaborate with teams and partners. Can be used during tender phase
Use of Ai to identify, classify and assess requirements
Ensure full compliance in your response
Full end to end traceability

First intention of conformity within few hours!

Discover Requirements

The Power of AI

Automatic identification of Requirements and Classification by Type, Activities, Criticity etc...
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Fast Collective Review

Smart Review and Smart Drafting

Review and collaborate dynamically around the requirements. Ensure a team understanding of the requirements and their impact
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More Efficient

No Loopholes

Quality Augmented Data

Quality of review, coverage of Requirements, audit & traceability of all the data and events around the contract.
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Understanding 100%
Full Traceability 100%

Quickly Capture Requirements

Ai powered capture of requirements from Word, Excel and mostly PDF documents. 

Now, thanks to 2 years of R&D, we are properly extracting and classifying data from PDF and other formats.

Real time collective review

Invite your team members, partners, subcontractors to work with you around the contract and its requirements. 

Now, everyone is aligned.

Full contract lifecycle traceability and impact analysis

Ensure  full traceability of all events around the tender and contract ( Q&A, versionning, claims, change orders etc..). 

Now, you don’t get lost in your projects!

Coverage Analysis

Cover requirements in deliverables and V cycle. Thanks to our Smart Draft for Microsoft Word, we are able to ensure full coverage of the requirements.

Now, writters can draft compelling documents and ensure proofs of work.


We strive to make Requirement management easy and compliant

So, let's Win tenders together